Colour combination in Le fabuleux destin d’amélie poulain

115734Fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain Bande-annonce US[Photograph found in Paris]. (2013, October 10). Retrieved October 27, 2017, from (Originally photographed October)


I do not really remember watching Amelie Poulin the first time because I was quiet young however, I am sure I liked it as it has been a tradition for me to watch it multiple times a year now whether it is alone in my room or having dinner in bed with my mum if she finishes work early. Le Fabuleux Destin D’Amelie Poulin is a very simple story but with many symbols and meanings. Amelie staying home most of her childhood life due to illnesses, she gets homeschooled by her strict mother who is a teacher as a profession. At the age of six, her mother is killed by a canadian tourist who commits suicide by jumping off a building and landing on Amelie’s mother, leaving Amelie alone with her father. Due to her staying long days at home, she creates a very strong imagination that follows her during her life. Growing up, her parents never really knew how to show and give love to her, because of this, Amelie becomes a thoughtful, quiet, observant girl who decides to change the lives of those around her (Nell Minow, n.d, p2.). Thanks to her parents not giving her much love, she decides to give love to others and revenge on people that don’t deserve love from her nor others.

am2Young Amelie Poulin[Photograph found in Paris]. (n.d.). Retrieved October 29, 2017, from

Colour combination

Something that really struck me in Le Fabuleux Destin D’Amelie Poulin are the colours used during the movie. Amélie has a very specific color palette. It is a very warm film infused with reds and greens. The color blue is only prominent in only a few shots; so few in fact you can probably count them on one hand (Evane Richards, 2011, p.4). Digital Intermediate is a process where images are mastered through analog film stock which enables the editor to experiment with the tones and hues of colors of the film which give Amélie its powerful and noticable colors (Tess Cetin, 2014, p.2).

screen-shot-2014-01-19-at-5-45-04-pmAmelie and her father[Photograph found in Paris]. (n.d.). Retrieved from

Green is used commonly throughout Amelie. Green symbolizes life that Amelie brings to others as well as the energy she carries around that creates harmony in the movie comforting the viewers eyes. The color green is played around with by contrasting it with warmer colors to create different kinds of mood in each scenes depending on the situation Amélie is in.

Another color commonly used is red. Red is usually seen as the color of love that Amelie finds at the end of the movie. This colour represents sunsets and fire intensifying the scene filling it with warmth and passion depending on how Amélie feels.

As well as red and green, yellow is also a commonly seen color throughout Amélie. Yellow makes everything brighter and stand out showing happiness such as when we see the sunshine compared to a grey and dark atmosphere that can be depressing seen through a screen. Director Jean-Pierre Jeune shot most of Amélie”s scenes in the late afternoons when the sun is a soft yellow tone creating a peaceful atmosphere for the viewers to look at representing Amélie’s peaceful mind. 

Nwb2d3NTrUWzPGPm5V0sqQgSRbDueK9Z_1920x1080_251728963986Amelie Bande Announce[Photograph found in Paris]. (n.d.). Retrieved October 29, 2017, from


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